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Staff Pick

Perfect Sex Bundle

(*Special Perfect Sex Bundle price not combinable with any other discount)

Great sex starts way before your clothes go flying! This 3-product bundle provides a convenient way to infuse THC-free CBD into your everyday sexy routine. Why not leave your daily stress behind, balance your mood, and enhance your most intimate moments? According to the FDA, additional research is needed to validate these effects:

#1. CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix - 12.5mg CBD, 5-pack

  • Compact, fast-acting powdered drink mix
  • Zero sugar
  • Perfectly balanced with 12.5mg hemp CBD and 120mg of caffeine
  • 667% of daily B12, performance-enhancing amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts
  • Power-up your day or night, anywhere, anytime!
 #2. CBD Mints - 10mg, 30 count
  •  10 mg of THC-free CBD in each mint
  • Fast-acting to calm nerves
  • Sugar free
  • Refreshes breath
  • Compact and discreet
#3. CBD Personal Lubricant - 100mg, 6 oz
  • Water-based, non-sticky
  • Safe for silicone toys and latex condoms
  • CBD may increase blood flow, and enhance sensation
  • CBD may relax muscles for easier penetration, leading to better sex!

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