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At Out & About, our purpose is to enhance wellness by providing the highest quality CBD products, and the most up-to-date information regarding hemp CBD, its benefits, and uses, to ensure you're always on a path to optimal health.
100% THC-free Hemp CBD
Premium hemp-based CBD grown by farmers in the U.S.A.
Each batch is 3rd-Party tested for your peace Of mind!
Feeling the 3PM drag, but want to avoid coffee jitters? Treat yourself to a healthy boost of energy to ramp up for sultry nights.
Premium Out & About
CBD Energy & Recovery Drink Mix
12.5mg CBD, 5-pack
This compact, fast-acting drink-mix has zero sugar, and is perfectly balanced with 120mg of caffeine and 12.5mg hemp CBD, plus 667% of daily B-12, performance-enhancing amino acids, vitamins and herbal extracts. Power- up your day or night, anywhere, anytime.
Do you get nervous when the lights go low? Why not give CBD a try and see if it helps you relax for more intimate play?
Out & About CBD Mints
10mg 30 count
Freshen up your breath, relax, and refocus your mind—perfect during your afternoon date. Each adorable little tablet is sugar free, and powered by refreshing mint and 10mg of hemp CBD—enjoy this quick chill pill morning, noon or after dinner!
Ready to lean in for a kiss? Before you do, pop a CBD mint and then go for it.
Out & About CBD Personal Lubricant
100mg, 6 oz
The addition of CBD to our lube is a game changer! CBD may increase blood flow, and enhance sensation in just the right areas (can you say "G-spot"?). It may help relax vaginal and anal muscles, all good to know for a long night of lovin'. Use this CBD lube with your favorite silicone toys or latex condoms - the perfect addition to your sex play arsenal!
Your Perfect CBD Sex Bundle
  • CBD Energy Drink, 12.5mg, 5-pack
  • CBD Mints, 10 mg 30 count
  • CBD Personal Lubricant, 100mg 6 oz
Now $49.95
Out & About has a "do good, do well" mission. Feel great knowing we donate 5% of our annual proceeds to LGBTQ causes, like The Trevor Project.

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