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Personal Lube - 2.5oz + 2 FREE CBD joints

  • Out & About’s all-natural CBD personal lubricant is THC-free, and the perfect addition to your sex play arsenal. Formulated for safe sex, this slick, non-sticky, and sensual water-based lube can be used right along with your favorite silicone toys or latex condoms, (and also feels great applied directly on the skin!) Each 2.5oz bottle contains 40mg CBD, and is ideally placed right on your nightstand. Enjoy!
  • PLUS FREE Two pack pre-rolled KING SIZE craft CBD hemp flower, 160mg CBD per joint! Indica "Relax", grown in US:
  • A few reasons to try smokable CBD flower:
    • We know what you’re thinking…yes, it’s legal! This is Hemp and contains less than .3% THC
    • Made with the highest quality raw Hemp cones
    • Faster-acting effect through smoking
    • Easily mixed with your “other” smokable flower for a more relaxing experience
    • Doesn’t make you feel paranoid or high, but still provides similar benefits of CBD oil
    • Great for social situations and staying productive

    Important Disclaimer:

    • Although THC is minimal and within legal limits, you could still risk failing a drug test. If you are someone who gets tested, we would advise avoiding all CBD products.


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